Teach with us in Grand Challenge Learning!

If you are a full-time faculty member in any college or school on the UIUC campus, and are experienced or interested in teaching General Education courses, particularly those suitable for first-year freshmen and new transfers, we invite you to propose a GCL 100-level Experience course by filling out this online form. To review what courses we already offer that might fit your teaching interests and experience, click here. We also welcome new GCL course topics and approaches in any of our three pathways!
At this time, we are not seeking additional faculty for our 200-level Critical Frameworks courses, but you can learn more about those courses here.
If you are interested in proposing an existing course in your department or unit for consideration as a Campus Course, please fill out this online form. Note that Campus Courses must be existing offerings that meet one or more General Education requirements, and that also speak to one of our GCL pathways. Ideally, these courses will be at the 200 or 300 level, though we are also happy to consider 100-level courses that fit these criteria.