Lecture & Discussion Series

In Spring 2015 we charged a campus-wide Lecture & Discussion Coordinating Committee to bring the campus into contact with innovative thinking about the undergraduate experience.
Their series of events, Prioritizing Undergraduate Education at Illinois, kicked off this fall with a lecture by Nancy Folbre, “The Rise and Fall of Public Higher Education” (for weblog commentary click here). The series will bring distinguished scholars and university leaders to campus to discuss the landscape of higher education, the nature of our public, land-grant mission, the aims of undergraduate education, and strategies for achieving these aims in today’s comprehensive research universities.

Nominations for future speakers for the series can be submitted here.

Fall 2015 Lectures:

NANCY FOLBRE (Professor Emerita of Economics, University of Massachussets, Amherst)
"The Rise and Fall of Public Higher Education"
September 17
NCSA Auditorium, 4:00pm

Click above to view a video recording of this lecture.

RICK LEVIN (CEO, Coursera, former President of Yale University)
“Undergraduate Education for Global Citizenship”
November 13
Room 126 GSLIS, 9:00am

Click above to view a video recording of this lecture.

CAROLYN DEVER (Provost, Dartmouth University)
“The Future of Liberal Arts Education”
December 2
Alice Campbell Alumni Center, Ballroom, 4:00pm

Spring 2016 Lectures:

HARRY BOYTE (Senior Fellow, University of Minnesota)
"Public Universities and the Future of Democracy"
February 25
1092 Lincoln Hall, 4:00pm

Click above for a video recording of the lecture. For weblog commentary, click here.

Lecture and Discussion Series Coordinating Committee:
Clare Crowston, History, Co-Chair    
Chris Higgins, EPOL, Co-Chair
Ryan Griffis, Art & Design 
Meadow Jones, (Graduate Student) Art Education
Shelly Schmidt, Food Science & Human Nutrition
Tim Stelzer, Physics  
Corey Thoss, (Interim Director) Office of the Dean of Students