General Education for the 21st Century

In Spring 2015, a committee was charged to undertake a self-study of General Education on our campus, with an emphasis on understanding the patters of course offerings and course taking. After reaching some preliminary findings, the committee agreed to reconvene in Fall 2015 with additional data-analysis assistance from the Division of Management Information. A final report is expected in December 2015.

General Education Self-Study Committee (Spring 2015-Present)
Stephen Altaner, Geology, Co-Chair (Spring 2015)
CL Cole, Professor, Media and Cinema Studies, Co-Chair
Liang Liu, Associate Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Co-Chair (Fall 2015 and forward)
Stephanie Foote, Professor, English/Gender & Women's Studies
Joyce Griggs, Music
Jennifer Hardesty, Human and Community Development
Huseyin Leblebici, Business Administration
Megan Lindgren, (Undergraduate Student), Economics (Spring 2015)
Stephen Notaro, Kinesiology and Community Health
John Wieting, (Graduate Student), Computer Science (Spring 2015)
Kathy Martensen, Office of the Provost, ex officio