Fall 2015 Grand Challenge Experience Courses

In Fall 2015—in preparation for the official launch of the program in Spring 2016—the Inequality pathway is piloting two GCX courses: Cultures of Debt (GCL 147), which qualifies for Social Science credit, and Documenting Inequality: Kids in the USA (GCL 137), an Arts course.

The Health & Wellness pathway will pilot a Life Science course, Interdisciplinary Approaches to Life Science: What’s Autism Got to Do with It? (GCL 199), as well as a Social Science course, Stress & Health in Urban Communities (GCL 150).

The Sustainability pathway is piloting two humanities courses: Fictions of Sustainability: Food, Water, Energy (GCL 128), a literature course, and Sustainable Design across the Disciplines: Historical & Philosophical Perspectives (GCL 127), a humanities course.

We are currently developing a larger cohort of GCX courses for the official launch of the pilot in Spring 2016.  Please email GrandChallengeLearning@illinois.edu for more information about course offerings or if you would like to nominate an instructor for GCX teaching.