Grand Challenge Learning Leadership Committee

In Fall 2014 we charged a committee to provide oversight and guidance through the early stages of a pilot in grand challenge learning at the general education level. The Committee guided the development of the Grand Challenge Learning pilot, and continues to provide advice and direction for the program. 

Grand Challenge Learning Leadership Committee (Spring 2016)
Lauren Goodlad, LAS/Provost Office: Co-Chair
Kelly Ritter, LAS/Provost Office: Co-Chair
Gabrielle Allen, NCSA: Advisory Member
Phyllis Baker, Office of the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs: Advisory Member
Trevor Birkenholtz, LAS: Executive Co-Chair (Sustainability)
Tami Bond, ENG: Advisory Co-Chair (Sustainability) 
Joe A. Bradley, BUS/ENG: Advisory Member 
Antoinette Burton, LAS: Advisory Member
Gillen D’Arcy Wood, LAS: Advisory Co-Chair (Sustainability)
Evan DeLucia, LAS/iSEE: Advisory Member 
Laura DeThorne, AHS: Advisory Co-Chair (Health & Wellness) 
Kim Graber, AHS: Advisory Member
Lisa Hinchliffe, University Library: Advisory Member 
Karen Hyman, iFoundry: Advisory Member 
Kenny Importante, Student Affairs: Advisory Member
Jonathan Inda, Latino/a Studies/CORE: Advisory Member
Kevin Jackson, BUS: Advisory Co-Chair (Inequality) 
Madhu Khanna, ACES/iSEE: Advisory Member 
Ming Kuo, ACES: Advisory Co-Chair (Health & Wellness/Sustainability)
Joseph Murray: Undergraduate Student Representative
Alaina Pincus, LAS/Provost Office: Project Manager
Staci Provezis, Provost Office: Advisory Member
Gene Robinson, LAS: Advisory Co-Chair (Health & Wellness)
Olesya Savchenko: Graduate Student Representative
Anna Stenport, LAS: Advisory Member
William P. Stewart, AHS: Executive Co-Chair (Health & Wellness) 
Chloe Velazquez: Undergraduate Student Representative
Terri Weissman, FAA: Executive Co-Chair (Inequality) 
Valeri Werpetinski, ENG: Advisory Member 
Gillen D'Arcy Wood, LAS: Advisory Co-Chair (Sustainability)