Spring 2014 Working Groups

Working Group 1: Integrative, Interdisciplinary, and Experiential Curricula

Amy Woods, Kinesiology & Community Health, Co-Chair
Chris Higgins, Education Policy, Organization, & Leadership, Co-Chair
Lisa Hinchliffe, University Library
Curtis Perry, English
Walter Hurley, Animal Sciences
Robert Pahre, Political Science
Michael Loui, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Ken Salo, Urban and Regional Planning
Kirstie Simson, Dance
Rachel Whitaker, Microbiology
Stephanie Craft, Journalism
Katherine Ansell, (Graduate Student), College of Engineering
Anita Mixon, (Graduate Student), College of Liberal Arts & Sciences
Gayle Spencer, Director, Illinois Leadership Center
Karen Hyman, Associate Director, iFoundry
Morgan Bakies, (Undergraduate Student), College of Engineering
Megan Lindgren, (Undergraduate Student), College of Liberal Arts & Sciences

Working Group 2: Student Passion and Transformation

Jenny Amos, Bioengineering, Co-Chair
Nan Goggin, Art & Design, Co-Chair
Jayadev Athreya, Mathematics
Ray Price, Co-Director, iFoundry
Deana McDonagh, Art & Design
Shelly Schmidt, Food Science and Human Nutrition
Genevieve Henricks-Lepp, (Graduate Student), College of Liberal Arts & Sciences
Keilin Deahl, (Graduate Student), College of Engineering
Steve Notaro, Community Health
Susan Schnuer, Associate Director, Mortenson Center for International Library Program
Eric Blacknall, Assistant Director, Academic Innovation and Mentoring, Office of Minority Student Affairs
Keri Pipkins, Associate Director, The Career Center
Karen Carney, Associate Dean, College of Liberal Arts & Sciences
Nathan Sanden, Assistant Director, Housing
Mariano Nava, (Undergraduate Student), College of Liberal Arts & Sciences
Krisos Spyratos, (Undergraduate Student), College of Liberal Arts & Sciences

Working Group 3: Growing the Professional Kernel

Dale Bauer, English, Co-Chair
Matt West, Material Science, Co-Chair
Eric Meyer, Journalism
Robert Wickesberg, Psychology
Rosa Milagros Santos, Special Education
Sherrie Faulkner, Director, Bachelor of Social Work Field Education
Kim Graber, Director, Campus Honors Program
Sarai Coba, (Graduate Student), College of ACES
Maria Cynthia Anderson, (Graduate Student), College of Education
Kirstin Wilcox, English
Katie Kennealy, Economics Career Center
Gail Rooney, Director, The Career Center
Angie Wolters, Assistant Director, Women in Engineering
Gina Lee-Olukoya, Associate Dean of Students Office
Rhiannon Clifton, Advertising
Yilin Zhou, (Undergraduate Student), College of Liberal Arts & Sciences
Jaylin McClinton, (Undergraduate Student), College of Liberal Arts & Sciences

Working Group 4: An International Campus in a Global World

Anna Stenport, Germanic Languages & Literature, Co-Chair
Kevin Jackson, Accountancy, Co-Chair
Yore Kedem, Religion
Abbas Aminmansour, Architecture
Jacob Sosnoff, Kinesiology and Community Health
Benjamin Lough, Social Work
Cynthia Buckley, Sociology
Romana Nowak, Animal Science
Erol Tutumluer, Civil Engineering
Meadow Jones, (Graduate Student), College of Fine and Applied Arts
Katherine Jo, (Graduate Student), College of Education
Patriann Smith, Curriculum & Instruction
Nicole Tami, Office of the Associate Provost for International Affairs/International Programs & Studies
Anna Tsai, Assistant to the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs
Christine Gozdziak, Business
Adam Heinz, Campus Study Abroad Office
Kenneth Importante, Assistant Director, Asian American Cultural Center
Joshua Camp, (Undergraduate Student), College of Liberal Arts & Sciences

Working Group 5: Education for Society's Grand Challenges

Jesse Ribot, Geography, Co-Chair
Liang Liu, Civil Engineering, Co-Chair
Daniel Gilbert, Labor & Employment Relations
Stephen Altaner, Geology
Wojtek Chodzko-Zajko, Kinesiology and Community Health
Lauren Goodlad, English/Provost Fellow
Madhu Khanna, Agricultural and Consumer Economics
Minh Do, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Johnathan Moor, (Graduate Student), College of Engineering
Gigi Secuban, Associate Vice Chancellor, Student Affairs
Mercedes Ramirez Fernandez, Interim Assistant Chancellor and Assistant Provost for Student Diversity
Christopher Steppig, (Undergraduate Student), College of ACES
Jonathan Tomkin, Associate Director, School of Earth, Society, & Environment
Ronald Bailey, African American Studies
Megan Dino, Assistant Director, Business Career Services

Working Group 6: Access & Affordability

Ron Bailey, African American Studies, Chair
Dale Bauer, English
Lauren Goodlad, English/Provost Fellow
Kevin Jackson, Accountancy
Megan Lindgren, (Undergraduate Student), College of Liberal Arts & Sciences
Staci Provezis, Office of the Provost